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What kind of stuff will we do if we train together?

We'll start by talking about and looking at how you move, and then I'll build a personalized workout that addresses any issues you might be having with common movement patterns and your goals for training. Almost every workout will include core and joint stability pieces for injury resistance, like balance challenges and deep torso stabilization work – like planks or chops – as well as more explosive plyometric moves that train the real-world reactive muscle synergies we often employ as we navigate our environments. The meat of the workout will focus on the crucial pillar of sustained total-body health, from bones to tissues to hormones: functional, loaded resistance training.

Do I need to meet some kind of baseline of "fitness" in order to come train?

Heck, no! There's no baseline fitness required for you to get moving again. There are, however, some specific health precautions that can get in the way of us playing together. Each new client has to fill out a standardized health questionnaire called the PAR-Q+ that establishes your medical readiness for increased physical activity. If you answer "yes" to any question on the PAR-Q+, you and/or I may need to speak to a medical professional before we can work out together. You can see the PAR-Q+ by clicking below. Feel free to fill it out and bring it with you to your first session or consultation!

Click here to see a PDF of the PAR-Q+

What sort of equipment will we use?

My studio is full of toys. Toys add variety to a work out and challenge the body in different ways, assets that not only keep us entertained but optimize the body's adaptations to stressors, therefore optimizing results. I have kettlebells for power and stability, dumbbells for muscular gains, a power cage for maximal strength training, cones and hurdles and ladders for speed, agility and quickness, wall balls and slam balls and BOSU balls and pilates balls, step-ups and TRX Rip Trainers and Suspension Trainers and all kinds of resistance bands and tubes. Never a dull moment if we're doing it right!

What if the workouts cause me pain?

Communication is key, and I never want you to do anything in the studio that causes you the bad kind of pain. I will always check in with you to make sure that what we're doing feels okay, and I hope you'll speak up. Exercises can be modified in order to avoid problematic or uncomfortable motions. Also, our training work requires that you are not experiencing pain directly associated with movement. If movement, such as lifting your arm or swinging your legs, is causing direct musculoskeletal pain, I'll have to direct you to a licensed provider, such as a physical therapist, orthopedist or medical doctor.


Do I need to bring anything when I come party – er – train?

It's always good to have some water on-hand, though I can help you out with that if you forget. Wear comfortable clothes you can sweat in and sturdy athletic shoes – that aren't muddy, please! (Sometimes, I might ask if we can work out barefoot in order to aid with alignment and lower-body muscle recruitment.) Costumes and flair are always appreciated. Game face doesn't hurt.

Are there showers or locker rooms available at the studio?

Peak Wellness Collaborative, where the studio is located, features ample restrooms with plenty of space for changing as well as a functional kitchen where you can store or heat up pre- and post-workout snacks. The Collaborative does not have a shower available at this time, though.

What sort of results can I expect from training?

Possible results are entirely related to your goals. We'll work together to create SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely – and set out to reach them. But whatever your goals, if you come move with me and challenge your body, you can expect to feel stronger, more stable and powerful, more energetic and more capable. The fundamental science of training is very simple: If you challenge your body (in a respectful way), it will rise to meet the occasion. 

Is there any way I can work out with my partner or friend?

The current Rockhop Training studio is comfortable but certainly tight when we begin jumping around and swinging kettlebells. I'm willing to entertain the idea of training two people at once for a small increase in cost per session – please just reach out to me with your hopes and dreams.

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